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We are as adept at new media needs like paid search and search engine optimization as we are experts at traditional media strategy, graphic design and lead generation.

Graphic Design

From striking billboards to smartphone-sized images, Atomic Bit’s graphics pack compelling stories into a single glance.

Web Design

Your website is your face to the world. Make sure it’s both smart and beautiful. Atomic Bit crafts websites that are engaging but also designed to the latest standards of Internet protocols. Our websites are engineered from the inside out to please both your consumers and the Internet overlords.

Search Engine Optimization

Don’t take chances on weak SEO. Atomic Bit has an army of nerds who are masters of the complex science of search engine optimization. Let the nerds do your SEO. It’s what they do best, bless them.

Paid Search Advertising

Atomic Bit understands the nuances of marketing within the paid search and pay-per- click space. We boast quantifiable success integrating paid search advertising into our digital marketing mix.

Brand & Strategy

You can’t get to where you want to be if you don’t have a map. Successful digital marketing begins with a thoughtful branding strategy. Atomic Bit employs a holistic approach to all our campaigns. We set goals against past successes and we learn from other people’s obstacles.

Video Production

Whether it’s an improvised scene shot on a smartphone or a TV ad shot by a multi-person film crew, Atomic Bit will identify the best ways to tell your stories and then deliver the goods in whatever format and style that best suits your narrative.

Atomic Bit is the vanguard for a new era in digital marketing.

At Atomic Bit, we absorb our products. We immerse ourselves so deeply in our projects that we understand our clients from their most elementary levels. Then we deploy the most precise data analytics machines this side of Los Alamos to precisely target the customers you seek.

We fuse two decades of marketing experience with the most powerful marketing tools available. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, we create paid-search campaigns, web development and all aspects of design.

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Atomic Bit is the vanguard for a new era in digital marketing. Watch our video to learn more.

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It’s the dawn of a new era in digital marketing.